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Click here to see Paul Brennan's  interview "Show Me the Money" on channel 7's Sunrise.

Brennans solicitors are commercial and property lawyers located in Kawana on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.   Click here for our contact details.

We act for business owners in their business and personal matters-both deals and disputes.

To speak to a lawyer call us on (61) 5438 8199 or email

We believe that legal traps are often predictable.  Once told, you can avoid legal mistakes and the pain that follows.  

We believe that our clients need three things from us:

1. Solutions to Problems and Disputes

We take your legal issues very seriously.   If you have a legal problem make an appointment (urgent or otherwise).   Speak to a lawyer, do not try to deal with it yourself.

We focus on our client's issues.   We are dedicated to dealing with those issues quickly, enthusiastically and well.  
2. Documents

You can avoid pain by documenting your deals and other legal arrangements.   Speak to us before entering a legal arrangement.
3.  Information

We are committed to helping our clients to avoid legal issues. We try to do this as easily and briefly as we can in articles, books, video and audio clips explaining the main legal pitfalls. Once a month we will send you information on law that we think you need to know in our Law & Disorder eZine. 

Thank you for coming to our site why not start by taking our three minute quiz. The quiz will test your legal know how, give you a score and a certificate which you can print out.

Finally, if you have a legal issue call us.

"if you are in a legal hole stop digging".

Paul Brennan

The 10 Greatest Legal Mistakes in Business and how to avoid them